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Students Winning Awards in the 12th National College Students Mathematics Contest

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Recently, the 12th National College students Mathematics Contest was held in Tianyi Building. A total of 127 students from different majors participated in the contest. Among the 71 students who won prizes, 13 got the first prize, 24 the second prize and 34 the third prize.

The National College Student Mathematics Contest was held by the Chinese Mathematics Association and our school participated in the Hebei area contest. The contest was organized by each participating school, but the whole country carried it out at the same time, using the same test questions. In order to lay a solid mathematics foundation for the students, promote the teaching reform and the construction of mathematics courses, and increase students' interest in learning mathematics, IDP organizes students to participate in the National College Student Mathematics Contest every year. The contest content for non-mathematics majors is from advanced mathematics. The contest not only provides a platform for students to improve their innovative ability, but also prepares the students for their future entrance examinations to graduate schools.