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Notice on strengthening integrated online-offline teaching

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According to requirements of the Ministry of Education and Hebei Province on the normalization of school education and the control of the Covid-19 pandemic, IDP has made work arrangements for the fall semester 2020. In the current situation, all schools and departments of the undergraduate programs will adopt the integrated online-offline teaching strategy and promote the "learning-centered" way of teaching. Detailed requirements are as follows:

1. All teachers will adopt the Changjiang Rainclassroom live mode of teaching.

To conduct Changjiang Rainclassroom assisted teaching activities in the classroom, you need to follow the steps below:

(1) Turn on the computer;

(2) Ensure that the computer is properly connected to the network;

(3) Display your PPT and start the Changjiang Rainclassroom teaching mode;

(4) Select the class and turn on "voice live" (Remember to use the sound pick-up device prepared by the information center);

(5) Start teaching.

2. Integrated online-offline teaching will be conducted for students on campus.

All students on campus will use Changjiang Rainclassroom to complete the learning process involving lesson preview, listening, interaction, communication, review, and assignments.

3. Online simultaneous learning of live courses will be conducted by the students off campus.

For the students who cannot enter the classrooms due to isolation or other special circumstances, online simultaneous learning is required.

4. All schools and departments will exercise supervision of the teaching process.

(1) The dean of each school or department will conduct random inspection of teaching and learning;

(2) Teaching secretaries will follow the process;

(3) The mentors for new teachers will carry out due tasks of coaching;

(4) Online curriculum construction is an immediate task and all teachers are to ensure the quality of teaching.

5. Others

(1)  Please ensure that every teacher has received the device for live teaching. The following contact can assist you to solve relevant problems.

Contact: Wu Peng

Tel: 010-61597607

(2) The school has set up a Wechat group for technical support. Any teacher can ask for help from the teaching secretary of your school or department to join the group.